I know, I know, we’re well over one week into september and everyone elses favs are up but I’m gonna do this anyway and hope my internet doesn’t come crashing down on me. Again!! I’ve been trying out some new things and some made it straight onto here and someContinue Reading

I’m thinking about doing a monthly favourites here. And I’m sure I will. But right now there’s no poin int rying to upload pictures on here since my internet is having a fit! Argh! I feel so left out and somehow crippled.The original thought was to film one and putContinue Reading

If you were one of the lucky few (2) who saw my instagram picture of the Palmers Cocoa Butter Cleansing formula for sensitive skin you might be wondering how I liked it. I love it! There are a few minor things I don’t like about it but for the mostContinue Reading

We used to have Rimmel over here and back then it didn’t interest me at all. But as I started to watch youtube beautygurus and seeing them rave about the brand made me curious. And to my disappointment I couldn’t find it. I found them online and was so closeContinue Reading

When I was over in Helsingör, Denmark, the other week I found a gorgeous pink nailpolish. Due to last posts disappointment I was keen to try it out. I absolutely love the color! It’s the perfect pastelly shimmery Barbie-pink with purple and blue sparkles in it, making it a bitContinue Reading