Cleaning out my makeup

I’m pretty sure there’s an Eminem song that goes ”I’m cleaning out my closet”, which automatically started playing in my head as I was typing the headline. Never liked Eminem so I don’t know why.

Since I’ve been buying myself some new makeup I thought it time to get rid of some old. Again. I cleaned out pretty hard when we moved back in January. But some pieces made it to the new place and I still haven’t used them.

I think you’l only recognize the IsaDora primer which I hated on a while back. Still hate it. It’s just something off about it. The rest is a lipbalm which is supposed to smell like grapes. Tastes and smells sour and fermented and makes me feel  sick every time I wear it. Two eyepencils. The silvery one is from Nivea way back when they did a whole range of makeup. Please bring that back! I loved the ricebased foundation! Anyone else remembering that? The eyepencil on the other hand gives me a headache. Smudges and no. The other one behind that is fairly new and it isn’t any good either. It’s supposed to be a kohl liner. It’s hard to work with and wears off almost immediately. Epic fail! A cover it all wheel from WetnWild. No good. Patchy and none creamy. I forced myself to use it and it just wasn’t worth it. The green part is too green under anything else, the concealer is to hard and drying. The salmon colored bit kinda works but it defines any fine lines you may have. And if you have really prominent dark circles it wont work. The highlighting part is just a joke.  Next to it is a liquid liner which surprise surprise works but I don’t ever wear it. It doesn’t look good on me for some reason. I so envy you girls who can rock a cateye!

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