Schwarzkopf Got2B Dry Shampoo

After running out of my Colab dry shampoo I picked this up on a whim when I was groceryshopping a while back. I’m almost out of this one and I have a backup in the drawer. That if anything should say how much I like this!

 It comes in a very nice muted hot pink metal can. I’m sure you’ve all seen it at some point or other. It kinda stands out in the shelves.
It actually does all it says on the packaging. Which is amazing!

The nozzle it great, it gets a bit white though. But not your hair!
I was humpppfing over the claim to be an invisible formula after my last experience. But this actually is it. I mean, it does come out white when you spray it, but as soon as you massage it in it disappears. There is no way you can tell it’s in there. You get a little of that powdery feeling in your roots. You get a lot of it if you overdose it. And only then it weighs you hair down. I did that last night because I knew I was gonna be out and about all day and felt sick as a dog. Why does the saying go like that? Dogs are for the most part healthy and jumping around even though they are way to old to do so. At least my bananas crazy sheltie does that. If I just use a light hand it gives my fine, flat hair mega volume. It takes away the oils but I wouldn’t say it works wonders with super oily hair though. Tried it and gave up and washed my hair instead. Third day hair forget it! A major bonus point is the scent! Oh my goooood it smells amazingly of raspberry! It is soooo addicting! The bees and all other yucky insects will love this and hunt me through the garden and bite me! Wouldn’t recommend this during summer. But I’ll probably use it anyway. Love love this!
200ml 48 SEK ($5.82 , £3.76 and 5.18)

Have you tried this? What where your thoughts?

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