WetnWild eyeshadows

I’ve always hated on wetnwild becuase of that cover wheel. I’ve looked at their stuff and decided against it so many times. But then I watched the makeup swap thingy with GlamlifeGuru and TalkBeckyTalk. They made me do this! I totally blame those two beautiful girls for this!

 Walking on eggshells and Nutty.
 A lovely pearly white, a goldenbronze and a very nice pearly pink. Not a bad shade in here!
 A taupybroze. Absolutely gorgeous. And sadly a shot I can’t retake. I broke it not 12 hours after this photo!
Still need to work on these sort of shots. But you get the general idea. 
I’m gonna continue to play around with them but so far I really like them. I am pleasantly surprised!

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