Walking on Eggshells

This has been my absolute number one go to eyeshadow palette. I say palette because it has more than two shadows in it. But it is in truth just a trio. They are all shimmery gorgeous shades. For the price I am stoked! I thought they were gonna be chalky and badly pigmented with a lot of fallout and zero lastingpower. They are none of that. They are amazing!

In the last picture I just dampened my fingers and swatched them. They got all metallicy instead of satiny. It’s called wetnwild so I had to try the wet part.

The staying power of these are incredible! I usually pair the pinky color with my Maybelline color tattoo in Pink Gold and that combo is stunning! It lasts all day. But even on their own with a primer underneath they last me all day without creasing or having to reblend anything. If I had to say anything bad about it, it would be that I wished there were at least one matte shade in there as a fourth option and that the bronze color were slightly warmer in tone and a bit more umph to it. Wearing all three is doable but it gets a bit too sparkly. Yes, there is such a thing. Over all it’s a very nice trio with very wearable colors that works really well. they blend nicely and they are buildable.
At the end of the night you’ll have to use some sort of cleanser to get it all of. Just water wont do the trick.

If you want some simplicity in your life, I highly recommend this one!

59 SEK (£5.07 $8.11 6.48)

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