Because I’m worth it.

I strongly remember that being one of L’Oreals old slogans. No that was ”Because you’re worth it”. Duh. A tiny, but nonetheless, a difference. I’ve debated a long time whether or not to get the Real Techniques Expert Face brush. I could always get it in a sale somewhere, or I might order a lot from one place where they had it or I could wish for it as a birthday gift. But when it came down to it no-one had a great sale going on on this or they didn’t carry it. So I caved and ordered it. Along side it, I happened to order two other goodies. At first glance at them and trying them out on my hand I’m not that impressed. I might keep one and give the other one away. We’ll see.

My dog offered to haul the loveliness for me but got bored with having the camera up his face. Here he’s saying ”Mommy, are you done yet?! I want to have a snuggle instead.”

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