So it’s settled

It’s settled guys! I’m going to England on my family vaccation in the mid of June! Can’t contain my excitement! I’ve been to London, twice, and absolutely loved it! This time around we’re going to Oxford and then making our way down to Bristol! If you wan’t to keep up with me whilst I’m there, may I suggest you head over to my Instagram page @ToxicIvy and hit that follow button. And on a more important note, what beauty and makeup should I be on the lookout for?! I’m gonna visit as many Boots and Superdrug as I can. Bullring in Bristol is screaming my name already. I will look at all the brands I can’t get here. So, any suggestions for me? I will definetly look at Soap and Glory, Bourjois and Tarte if I can find it in any store. I’m gonna pack light and get as big a suitcase as I can find!!

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