February 2016 Shopping

I might’ve dones ome damage this month. I put myself on a no buy for the first time like ever. I really don’t believe in not doing things you like and enjoy, life is way too short for that. But seeing as I want to go abroad with hunney this summer and I’m going abroad with my family week 24, I need to save some money. So, I will try to only buy things I need. Not want, need.  Then what I need is a matter of opinion, isn’t it! I made myself a loophole haha.

I’ve seen these popping up everywhere since Travalo launched theirs a couple of years ago. I ordered this online for next to nothing. Will come in very handy for my upcoming travels. Be it a city weekend or a summervaccation. Love these. hope they fit on my perfumebottles. Read some had some issues with that. Haven’t tested them out yet.

And less exciting, I picked up some real brushcleaners from Kicks. Normally I used the Lancôme Bi-Facil, a normal facewash and an antibacterial gel. These I hope will be less of a hussle. tested the spot cleaner today and it worked fine.
Placed an order with feelunique, but it hasen’t arrived yet. Also things I really need and have run out of. Might show that when it arrives.
What do you guys recommend getting for going to warmer countries? I’m already making a mental-list over things I will have to get. Argh!

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