Face Mask From Hell

I got a facemask in my Advent Calendar and decided to give it a go a few weeks ago.

Fírst off, I’ve never tried a warm facemask before, so I didn’t know what to expekt. It smelled amazing, just lika vanilla fudge and caramel. Mmmm. It was fudgelike in color to. And sticky. When first applied to the skin it felt really warm, like you had boiled it first. But it faded just as quick as it came. I let it sit for ten minutes or so. Was a pain to get rid of, sticky and went everywhere. My face was scorching red. And then the nasty surprises came. It broke me out like a crazy person. It took me over a week to get it somewhat normal again. I am so thankful that I had my Nuxe facecreme on hand. I will never ever get anywhere near that mask again.
Can’t remember what it was supposed to do, except clean your pores and I can’t find it on their site either.

Have you ever tried a facemask that just wasn’t a good idea?

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