Fall Nail Trends

I’m looking for new nailpolishes to rock this fall. Usually, I don’t care much whats in season. I know of the trends but decide to rock whatever color I want. No matter the season or trend. I think this fall is gonna be very much the same as last. Dark oxblood colors and dark navy colors. And new for this year seems to be jewel-tones. I see them everywhere and I can’t say I’m thrilled about it. I don’t like the oxblood trend either, but I do like a good deep winepurple colored nail. I have shades that reminds me of that but isn’t as deep. I think me and my little eye will have a looksee around and see what we find. As for navy colors, that is one colorfamily that I do not own. I have one kinda in between blue and one pastelly metallic blue. Blue isn’t usually a color I opt for on my nails. I’m afraid I’ll look dead or like I actually dropped something on my nails. Which is very possible! Something I’m searching for as well is a good lightpink/my-nails-but-better color. A soft everyday polish that will bring some sheen and just the tiniest bit of color. Nothing that will be a disaster if I mess it up at work.

Which colors are you gonna rock this season?

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