October Favorites

End of October already? How did that happen??
Here’s what I’ve been liking and using throughout the month of October. Enjoy!

My new snazzy makeup bag! It’s by Gillian Jones, whoever that is. All I know is it was half price and it says Denmark under the name.

Speaking of half price, found this gem last time I went into a Kicks store. Refreshing and cooling with a metal rollerball.

 This needs no explanation. I’ve raved enough about this already.

 A re-discovery for me. But now I find it too heavy and thick so I mix in some of the Express Hydration Primer and it works like a dream. I get a very even and natural finish.

And the hero of them all is this Expert Face Brush from Real Techniques! Every girl should have this in her makeup-brush-arsenal!

What have you guys been liking this month?

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