Things I don’t wish for, but wouldn’t mind getting.

My birthday is soon coming up and I’ve been twisting the idea of making an entry about it. Not to make it a wish list but more on the side that if any of my family members would find themselves unsure what to get me, this could be of some help. If I straight up wish for something then I know I will never get it from the love of my life. He is weird that way, but I love him. I’ve tried reversed psychology too and that doesn’t work either.

I’ve been eyeing this for years! But I haven’t made the commitment yet to buy it. My current mascara is on it’s way to turn bad on me so I will have to replace it soon anyway.

I’ve emptied my mini travel sized mango bodyscrub from The Body Shop and I loved it. I want to try the raspberry and blueberry one too. They booth smell amazing and like you’ve just picked the berry itself in the sunlight!
I still want to try this! I remember jumping of joy when I finally saw that this had made it’s way over here. This is the only one of her scents that I really like. I’m unsure of the red version of this, enchanted wonderstruck, and I know I definitely do not like her latest scent.
Everyone in every corner of our beautiful planet is raving about this! The Anastasia Brow Wiz. We do have it where I live which is amazing! I’m just gonna have to justify the splurge somehow. I do need a new browpencil since my current one has been around for about two or three years. It’s almost finished wohooo.
I am this close to ordering this right now!!
How gorgeous are these? Cold and sparkly, just my taste!
Other things I want that need no photos are a wide-angled camera lens for my Nikon DSLR. People often opt for a zoom lens first but I’ve found that I more often than not would need a wide-angled lens rather than I would a zoom. The one I have that came with it is pretty ok at both. But I love taking scenery photos and sometimes I have to choose what should be in the shot in order to make a good picture without having to zoom out too much and loose focus. I would imagine come next summer and if the carlife around here steps up their game I will need a better zooming lens.
And a camera tripod would be perfect to have too. It’s not that often that I feel the need of one, but with one I won’t have to worry about shutterspeed and my shakiness colliding. My camera is amazing at compensating for that on it’s own for me.
Speaking of camera accessories I’ve been meaning to get me some colored filters to play around with.

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