June Favorites

Okay people, now we are half way through this year! How the *insert word of choice* did that happen? I know why my year have flown by. I have been missing my sister like crazy! She came home yesterday after having been in Tokyo for 15 months! I’m so proud of my baby sis!

So this month I haven’t been liking so much new stuff. Much is the same as last month so please bare with me as this will be a rather repetitive month.

 Do we like the group shots in the beginning or should I leave them out?

 Schwarzkopf BonaCure Hairtherapy Amino Cell Rebuild. Sensitive Soothe styling liquid. It’s supposed to give a light hold which I haven’t noticed nor have I used it for that purpose. I use it because it has aloe vera in it which will help my sensitive scalp and for the amino cells which will help with the hairs elasticity and strengthen the hair.

 The Batiste we all know and love. I tried the Fresh one this time and I’m not sure about the scent. It smells fresh (duh) but I think I prefer the Tropical one.

I smell yummy from this. This and a soap which was meant to be in here as well but it’s empty. Have to get a new one. Anyway, you have all read about this one already so no point in being boring. Love, love, love it! I’ve used it a ton and it’s barely noticeable in the bottle. Hughe plus points!

 From The Body Shop we have a lotion which smells just like grapefruits! You just need a pearlsized amount at a time. A little goes a long way.

 My bestest face-friend right now. Try it!

 Greatest scrub I’ve ever used. It’s almost gone and I will have to get the full size pretty soon. Oh poor me..not!

 A very recent discovery. When I read on the bottle I first thought this is a guy product. Oh well I’ll try it anyway. I didn’t think it was gonna work on my hair. Let me tell you, my hair refuses to stay curled for very long and if I somehow manage to get some tiny volume in it, it falls flat within 30 minutes. But this stuff works! I work this into my roots and the back of my head and it stays fluffy. And it is re-fluffable throughout the day!

 Some lip products I’ve been liking the past month.
Revlon Juicy papaya, Demure and Honey. And Maybellines babylips in Peach Kiss.

 My holy grail mascara! The more I use it the more it reminds me of a Lancome mascara I used to love.

And a random thing. The packaging speaks for itself. Yum yum yummy!

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