Nail it Friday: IsaDora Colibri

Do you ever have those days where you feel kinda down and just need a pick me upper? For me that means doing my nails.
I knew I wanted my Essie glittery one but had a good dig through to find something to pair it with. I found a very old favorite of mine, number 11 Colibri from IsaDora. How pretty is this?! The Color reminds me of Fleet, Pocahontas colibri. So the name is spot on too.

 It is a mermaidy lightblue kinda color with green microglitters in it. It’s so multidimensional in color. Why do I want to spell dimensional with de in the beginning? Annoying!! I want to say there’s some gold and purple glitters in it as well but it can be my eyes messing with me.

I’m sorry my nails look kinda odd i texture but I’ve had them breaking and flaking on me the past week. I think I’m missing some minerals. Gonna have to fix that and drink lots of more water.

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