E.L.F Under eye concealer and Highlighter

I’ve had this for a while now and I feel like I’ve had a real go at it. I was in dire need of a new concealer and decided to give E.l.f a go. I was over the moon that I could finally get my hands on some of their products on this side of the sea. So I picked up their dual ended Under eye concealer and Highlighter. I saw the highlighter as an extra bonus.

 I got it in the shade fair/glow
The concealer part of it works really well. It feels a little bit wet when it first comes out but blends beautifully. It then dries down to a complete matte finish. I don’t have a huge problem with dark circles. I use it just to brighten things up a bit. I would advise using a primer underneath it. In that way it lasts longer and doesn’t make those fine laughinglines too visible.
The highlighting end then? Well. That one feels really wet when it first comes out and you wonder if it will ever dry down. But it does. It looks really white and milky in the bottle. It still looks a it white when it dries down. I don’t know about the glitterparticles in it though. I feel like they are too big and too noticeable. I would want them more subtle and more on the glowy side rather than the glittery side. But that is a pure personal preference.
I really like the undereye part but would stay away from the highlighting end. But for the price, why argue?
45 SEK (£4.05, $6.84 and 4.94 Euro )

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