Nail it Friday: Top Shop Precocious

To make things more regular an easier, I thought I would do a nail post every Friday. After a week of beating at work, Friday is the day I make my nails pretty again.

 And to kick things of I’ll start with the newest one in my collection. I’m somewhat of a nailpolish junkie.

It comes in a standard glas bottle with Top Shops dotted design on the cap. This one is the most beautiful bluetoned pink I have ever seen! It suits my skintone perfectly. It reminds me of the BarryM Hi-shine in consistency. It’s very thick and opaque in one coat. It doesn’t streak as easily but takes just about as long time to dry down as the BarryM. It’s kind of gellike in appearance. I like this one a bit better. Still wish it would be a bit thinner, dry faster and spread out more evenly as it dries. On my ringfinger I decided to pu some sparkle from Depend, number 047.

Looks the same as it does in the bottle.
Do I like it? Kinda. Will I continue to use it? Absolutely! 
8ml 79 SEK (£7.13, $12.04 and 8.68 Euro )

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