Everything that shimmers

In my last monthly favorites post I promised a post on the Rimmel Sunshimmer 3 in 1 Bronzer. And here it is! Mine is in 001 Gold Princess.Love the name!

I picked it up from lookfantastic  16 weeks ago. I’m telling you Instagram has a great function! It looked promising and I really liked the fact that it had three shades in one! I thought it would be slightly shimmery but it’s megashimmery! The pictures doesn’t do it justice. It’s megasparkly! I use it more as a highlighter than a bronzer. And I mostly use the two lightercolors. The third is too coppery for my taste.

 Tried being a bit artistic with my new DSLR.
As I said, very shimmery. My fav is the lightest color to put on my cheekbones and down the nose.
It looks beautiful on, but it can be a bit hard to blend out to make it look a bit more natural. Or it’s just my brush who isn’t the best one for this type of product. It stays on all day and my mum actually got the same one just recently. 
I really like it and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a sparkly bronzer for that healthy glowing effect. As a bronzer and warming up your face I’d say go for another one. I know I will til next season. And the price point isn’t too bad either. 67SEK (£6 & $10)

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