Those BarryM

I’ve heard sooo many youtube gurus rave about the BarryM Gelly hishine polishes and when I found them on asos with free shipping I simply couldn’t resist. I had such high hopes for these two and really wanted them to be great. But they are not. The color is exactly as the bottle so pluspoints for that but the formula is crap. It applys unevenly and streaky. I’ve had a few feeks to play around with them and try them out with basecoat under, without absecoat, thick layers, thin layers, you name it. And they simply don’t work for me. I’m really sad and if I could I would return them. A nailpolish for me must be fuzz free and apply evenly without me having to mess around way to much with it. And another thing, it takes longer than usual for it to dry. Love the colors, hate the formula. I’m sorry BarryM.

 £3.99, $6.38 and rughly 41 SEK

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