Product Empties June 2015

Hello guys!

I am sooooo beyond excited to see there’s so many of you finding your way over here. And new countries as well! How on earth do you find this space in the universe?

Today I thought I’d share some product empties with you! I finally used up some things which mean I get more space in my vanity for new exciting things! And this time I actually kept the empty bottles to take pictures of. Plus points for me!

A groupshot without my dog in the background. He has the annoying habit of walking by in the background whenever I bring the camera out.

 You might remember this from one of my monthly faves from last summer. I have no idea where to get this either., even if I did I would never buy it. I liked it at first but then the scent drove me nuts and it didn’t do much for my hair and I needed a lot of it because the formula is so light and runny. 

Schwarzkopf Bonacure hairtherapy Color freeze conditioner.

Do I even need to say that I love this and that I’m already on my second bottle of this? The scent is aaaamaaazing!!
I did a review on this a few weeks ago so go and read that if you’re curious.

Schwarzkopf Got2b dry shampoo.

 I used to be all about pomegranates and this in perticular used to be in my shower all the time. My local drugstore used to carry this brand but sadly they discontinued it. The line also had a shampoo and conditioner that wasn’t so good. Oh and a bodylotion that I still have. I think I have a second bottle of this somewhere lying around that needs some attention before it goes bad. This scent will always remind me of my mum because she hunted them down for me when they were about to get discontinued.

Natuvive Pomegranate Refresh shower gel.

 Oh my gosh I can’t believe this is finally empty! I’ve been seriously struggling to get through this! It’s a really nice face scrub with mini abrasive pears in it but I won’t be repurchasing this just because there’s so many others out there that works better on my skin. Didn’t really notice a difference with this so it was kinda disappointing.

Cliniderm 2-in-1 peeling and mask.

Can’t remember if I ever did a review on this. If I didn’t it’s because it was kinda so so. It promised to even out skin tone and nourish and all the usual stuff. I enjoyed using it but I didn’t notice any difference with my hyper pigmentation or the texture of my skin so I won’t be buying this again. The packaging though is really nice.

L’Orela Skinperfection  day moisturizer.

The most basic thing ever is deodorants. I really like this and already have a backup on hand of this. haven’t found one that I like better.

Nivea Pearl and Beauty roll-on.

This took me fooorever to get through! I will have to do a stand alone review of this sometime soon. I really like using these and I think this is one of the things that have made my skin so much better. I don’t use it every single day just because my skin can’t handle that. No matter what face wash I use. I was given a bunch of these so I have plenty of backups. They are by the brand Eqology. Never heard of them but when I read up on them I was surprised to find that the ingredients list contains mostly plants and ecological things. Things you would actually find in the nature. Not man made in a lab. They are a bit pricey though.

Eqology Clean up Face gel.

My holy grail mascara! I will be so very sad the day they stop making this! I love it! My lashes love it and my fiance always compliments me and notices when I wear this. Whenever someone asks me what my holy grail drugstore mascara is I say this!

L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara.

Now, I can happily throw these away so they can get recycled into something new. Who knows, they might contain something new exciting to try.

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