Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette- A broken Love Story

As many of you might’ve already seen, I got the much  hyped Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced after much debating and concideration. I read up on it as much as I could before hand and read everyone’s thoughts on it. I don’t think I came across one bad review of it. So I got it and were the happiest girl alive.

Then the bad things came with it. When I first came home with it the packaging felt cheap and badly made. The lid attachment felt like it would come off, the plastic telling me the names of the shades were missing, and there were visible glue between the shades and the palette. If I hadn’t bought it straight from Sephora I would’ve thought it was a copy. A very good copy. It had all the right markings and the colors were right. Everyone says it smells like chocolate, I said from day one that it smells nothing like chocolate but rather of vanilla. A very strong baking vanilla kind of scent. After first use I got an eczema over my eye that I put of as a one time thing. That it had nothing to do with the palette since I’ve had it before. But never in the warmer months. That healed and I started using it again. The weirdest burning feeling followed and I put it of, again, as something else. This time the eyeshadow primer had gone bad. So I replaced it with a new one and hoped for the best. I so wanted to own this palette. The shades are gorgeous and buttery soft. But truth be told, I am allergic to it. The very sad and harsh truth is that I am allergic to the damn thing! Not one shade, be cause that I could’ve lived with. But several shades! And I didn’t get any mindblowing pigmentation from mine. It just wore off in a couple of hours. I was so so disappointed. It was my first ever Too Faced product and my very first high end palette. I mean, I own several cheap drugstore ones and never ever had an reaction to any of them. I asked everyone on Tatis app if I was alone in this. Several nice girls replied that they’ve had the same thing happening to them or someone they know. I even googled for allergic reaction on it but found nothing. I hope this will be found by someone who is wondering.

I phoned my Sephora and asked if I could return it. I wouldn’t want to risk driving all the way there ( One hour there and one hour home) and not being able to return it. But they did take it back when I explained my symptoms. So it is no longer in my life. I can’t say I miss it. I am on the other hand very happy to have owned it and tried it. I learnt the hard way to never buy an expensive palette again. In the future I will build my own with singles from various places. I won’t pay a fortune for them, be cause should I be allergic to them I won’t have lost a lot of money and can either give them away or throw them away.

I don’t blame Too Faced in any way for what happened to me or hate the brand. I am sure they do rigorous testing and that I am just overly sensitive to something that was in it. I couldn’t read that there were any kinds of nuts in it. If there is, that is probably why I had a reaction. I can’t even walk past a macadamia nut without wanting to sneeze. I will say this, I am a bit put off that a brand like Too Faced decided to put that much talc in their shadows. I think it was first or second ingredient in all the shadows.

I don’t know if mine was just a major dud, a misshap in production but I will never recommend it to anyone who has had an allergic reaction to makeup before. If you own one and love it and have no issues from it, I am so very happy for you. The shades are utterly gorgeous and it is a very versatile palette. Some shades you look at an think ” I will never use those” but you actually do. They are all very wearable depending on how you pair them.

This is just my story.

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