Nail it Friday: Girl Trouble by MAC

It’s been ages since I did one of these. I’m so so glad to see so many of you still finding your way over here. C’mon, tell me how you found your way here and were you’re from. Most distant place wins.

I picked this little bad boy up during the winter sales. I think this was the only thing I picked up. And to top it all of, this is the FIRST ever MAC product I’ve owned! I did a little research on the colors I was choosing between. This got a good review on Tepmtalia and it’s purple so I had to buy it, not realizing I already owned a shade just like it.

 I got the shade Girl Trouble.
 Which is a pearly soft purple. It’s very sheer and takes a few coats to get opaque.
But it applies beautifully with absolutely no streaking. And it dries fast too.
 I love the bottle! It feels expensive, which it is, in a glass bottle with a matte black rubber top.
 And here is my dupe which I’ve owned for almost a year now.
 They look identical don’t they?
Which they are. My middle finger is painted in the dupe here and the rest with MAC. I will say that the dupe is glossier. The MAC one dries down to a softer less glossier finish. The finish overall makes me think of metallic foil. But in a good way.
When I first opened the package I knew straight away that I already owned a shade identical to it. I compared them immediately and was kinda bummed out at my self for ordering a shade from this exclusive brand in a shade that I already have. So which do I like better? Sadly, it’s the dupe. It’s glossier and wears longer. The MAC one wears of and chips in three days time. But since it’s so sheer it’s easily reapplied without having to remove it in between. I am very pleased that I only paid half price for it. Because MAC nail polishes, no, no nail polish is worth that kind of money! Nail polishes should be inexpensive since they go gloppy and dries out. I’d much rather spend my money on an eyeshadow palette that I know will last me for a while.
Girl Trouble originally 150SEK ($17,67 £11,68 and 16,11 Euro)
Which is your favorite MAC product? I am looking to try more from the brand.

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