Schwarzkopf Gliss Ultimate Oil Elixir

For the longest time I avoided Schwarzkopf. My grandma used it so to me it had a bit of and old-ladiesair to it. The when I started dying my hair I found that the best colors came from Schwarzkopf and then I tried more and more stuff from the brand.

I’ve struggled with dry ends of my hair for a while and someone suggested I’d try this. I’m almost out of it and it’s about time I gave it a proper review.

Comes in a sleek plastic bottle with a pump with a great nozzle. Tried taking a picture of the spray but I was to shaky handed.

 There’s tiny golden specks in it. I think they are mostly for show and not for any beneficial reasons.

It smells strongly of vanilla and some sort of flower, luckily it doesn’t hang around in your hair all day. To my already damaged ends it didn’t do much difference except making it look shinier and better. In the end I still chopped of a great deal of my hair and now I use it to prevent any damage to my hair. I avoid spraying it anywhere near the roots since it contains oils. I can’t say whether or not it has done my hair any good but it certainly haven’t hurt it either. I do recommend it but I think I will be trying something else when I run out of this. Not because it’s bad but out of curiosity.

Have you tried any amazing hair oils?

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