Maybelline Dream Wonder Nude

When my foundation from feelunique didn’t show up and I got tired of waiting for it and having to live barefaced, I went out and bought this one. I was still looking for a very natural one that suited my very dry skin. I didn’t read up on it or anything. It was new hear and on sale so I just grabbed it.

 The packaging is a very nice, sleek glass bottle with a pearlypink plastic lid.

 But it hasn’t got a pump!! Which annoys me to the max! Why, oh why, are any foundations ever made without a pump!!

It’s a very light runny formula that dries down to a powdery silky matte finish.

I’ve used it for a week now and here is my verdict. It is a very nice, lightweight natural formula but it sticks and exaggerates any dry patches you might have! And I’m just recovering from a major cold and my skin is going through somewhat of a change. It’s never been this dry before. Point being I have a lot of dry patches on my face right now. And this clings to them like an orchid to a tree. Applying this with a brush is near on impossible if I want it to look sort of okay. Fingers work best right now. I can make it work but it looks a lot better after a couple of hours when my natural oils start to get through. I have by no means oily skin. At the end of the day I can still see it being there but it would need a touch up after 7 or so hours. I like it apart from the fact that it makes me look even drier. A  shame really. I haven’t used any primer at all underneath.

Have any of you tried this?

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