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Meet another empty of mine. I finally finished it and I thought I’d share my thoughts on it before I toss it out. It’s been sitting on my desk for nearly two weeks now. Taunting me to rewrite that post that got effed up.

I was immediately on the hunt for this when I caught wind of its release. And I did find it on Feeluniques page. It’s a dry shampoo collaboration between CoLab and the model/youtuber Ruth Crilly ”A model recommends”. They launched a whole range of scents all named after a fashion city in the originals. I say originals because since then they have launched one with more volume properties.

I chose the Tokyo Oriental Fragrance. Has nothing to do with that the cap is bright pink but more to do with that one of my sisters recently visited Tokyo.
It comes in  vaguely gold can with a colored top and some kind of pattern on the lower part. The pattern and color all varies depending on which city you choose. I really like the design.

As for the contents the first thing you will notice is that is very heavily fragranced. I have no idea what the Orient smells like but I’m pretty sure it isn’t like this. It has a spicy floral scent to it. And that scent hangs around all day! I caught my self feeling it every time I turned my head. If you wear this there is no need for wearing a perfume, that’s how strong it is. The shampoo itself mists out the same way it does in any dry shampoo really. The first half of the bottle was a pure joy to use. It did it’s job, no itching and it even added a little lift to the roots. But the second half? The residue got heavier, more powdery and it didn’t work as well. I always shake the bottle really well before I use them. And now to something that would’ve been a real sellingpoint for me had I seen it before doing a review of it is that it says Sheer invisible on the front. This is in no meaning of the word sheer invisible. Not even the first half of it was. Sure, it was less noticeable than the Batiste but the second half was really really heavy on the residue front. I don’t know if I got a wonky bottle or if they are all like this.
In any case, if I will buy anything from the range again it will be the one with more volume and in another scent. This was just too strong. I want a more subtle scent and not one that hangs around all day. And another thing, I don’t think of the Orient when someone says Tokyo. Just me?

200ml 45 sek (£3,5 $5,43 and 4,78 Euro)

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