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Not too long ago L’Oreal released a foundation that instantly caught my attention. We all know that hyaluron have been the hype and most sought after ingredient in the beauty realm for quite some time. If you have missed it hyaluron is known for being able to suck water from your surroundings keeping your face hydrated. And for being an enemy of fine lines. What’s not to love then?

 I really love the design of this bottle. If the top had been oval it would look like a bullet. Now it more looks like stiletto heel. I don’t know if that was the intention but I love it! It’s a glass bottle with a nice pump. For me one ump is enough for my entire face.

THis foundation comes in 7 different shades, 120 Vanilla, being the lightest. Even now when I know which undertone I have I still find that L’Oreals foundationcolors are a bit, well, off. I have yellow undertones and I’m fairly lightskinned. I’m not the lightest mind you. And I find this a bit too yellow and a bit too dark. If this sunny weather keeps up I think it will suit me nicely very soon.
Coverage wise it’s light to medium which I like. If I put too much foundation on of any brand I look like Mr. Cakeface! I’m sure you can build it up and get more coverage out of it. I have been using this without a primer, since mine is crap, and it lasted me a good 6 hours! It didn’t dry me out, infact my skin felt healthy and smooth through the hours. It felt a bit sticky but I think that has more to do with my new moisturizer than the foundation.
On the back it says no transfer, no visible imperfections, no visible shine, no dry out and no mask effect. I haven’t tried the no transfer bit and I do not agree with the no visible imperfections bit. But hey, you still look like you and not a wax doll so to me that is a plus. The rest of the no’s I agree with. 
I do not know about the 24 hour bit and honestly, you shouldn’t wear foundation for that long anyway. Your skin needs to breathe no matter how good your foundation is.
All and all I like this foundation and I will keep on using it and let you guys know how I get on with it. I’ve been using it for a week and a half and so far it hasn’t broken me out. I would however recommend you try the tester out on your  jawbone before buying it. If you are very fairskinned it might be too dark for you.
Completely forgot to mention that it has SPF 19 in it and the finish of it is the perfect in-between dewy and matte. It’s silky somehow. And it is not glittery like my Rimmel one I dislike so much.
Pricepoint then? Bear in mind that all makeup here, no matter high or low end, cost considerably more compared to the trest of Europe and world. 169  SEK ( 19 Euro £15.93 & $26.44 ) Now that I look at the priceconvertions I realize that this might be the most I’ve ever paid for a foundation that wasn’t high end.
Hope you liked this wordy review and found it somewhat helpful. Will you be trying it out?

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