Better late than never

I did some shopping a while back and completly forgot to blog about it. I’ve used all of the products and tried them out. You’ve already seen a review of the foundation.
I am happy to say I can finally get my hands on Elf cosmetics in store. They only have a fraction of their things but it’s better than nothing. So I picked up their dualended highlighter corrector thingy and a contour/blush compact. Love the packaging. If I’m not mistaken it’s a dupe for NARS blush orgasm and their beloved contour powder.
I also picked up a micellular water from nivea which when I bought it was sparkling new in stores. It’ Niveas equivalent of L’Oreals version of the Bioderma. Since everyone is raving about the two I decided to go with Nivea instead and try it out. I also picked up an olice facemask and a sponge.

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