Fructis in dryshampoo

I don’t think anyone have missed that Garnier jumped on the wagon with dryshampoos a while back and released this green bottle. The green and the pink is typical Garniers Fructis line. It looks just like the shampoo, conditioner, hairmask and what not but in a metalcan with a nozzle. Then you would think it would smell as nice and work as well as the other products in the range? Which I for one really love!

But no. This was a huge disappointment from the very first impression. It came out very white, even whiter than Batiste, on dry hair. So I tried the trick I learned from my Batiste one and put it in wet hair. Still a white cast! It does give you volume I’ll give it that. It smells awful! It smells nothing like the shampoo. You wish you could take your hair of, take a deep breath, spray your hair and then run out the room whilst it soaks into the oils. It goes straight in  your lungs and tastes even worse than it smells. It is describable! So does it do what it is supposed to then? No, not even that. My hair still looks iffy and in need of a wash. It irritates my scalp more than if I were to wash it every day. No, I will be picking up a Batiste on my way home instead of continue to use this. And where I buy my Batiste, it is a bit cheaper as well for the same amount.
So I’ll be giving this a pass and advising you to do the same. It just isn’t worth the money!

150 ml 42 SEK ( 4,75 Euro, £3.97 & $6.60 )

Have you tried it? What did you think?
Should I continue using a euro convertion and loose either gbp or usd? Which is the most helpful for you?

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