24 Days of Clinique

So I might’ve snagged one of all the advent calendars already. I had my eye on this before it was released and as soon as it hit the Kicks webshop, I grabbed one before they sold out. I had their own last year and wasn’t that impressed by it. Clinique has always been a brand I’ve glanced at but never tried anything, except for that one fail BB cream a while back. I am so excited to be trying out some, 24, of their stuff. I have no idea what it contains. They have listed all the items on the back but I don’t want to know, I want every day to be a surprise!

I really like the subtle design of it too. Looks delicious right?
Have you grabbed any of the calendars yet?
24 Days of Clinique 595SEK (£54.52 $67 and 61.29 Euro)

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