E.l.f Primer – Review

I’m finally doing a review of this before throwing it out.

I picked this up in a hurry and that is always a bad idea. Plus, they didn’t have a tester in store either.
I was fresh out of my hydrating primer from Kicks at the time and had to get a new one fast. I looked all over the shopping center but didn’t find one that peaked my interest. I was about to give up when I remembered that this tiny store carries E.l.f makeup. Lets give that a try.
Since my skin is so dry I’ve been trying to find hydrating primers that doesn’t cost a fortune. Which is easier said that done. I was eyeing the Smashbox primers for a quick minute but they are sooo expensive. Looking back, they might’ve been a safer pick than this.
It comes in a standard palstic bottle with a pump. Always a bonus. It’s infused with vitamins A, C and E. So a lot of goodies in it. Sadly that’s where the good ends and the bad starts. It smells horrific and feels like I’m putting faceoils on my skin. If you’re in to that you might like this, if you can stand the smell. My foundations looks funny on top of it and it exaggerates my pores. So the claim of filling in fine lines feels a bit of wishful thinking. I didn’t pay a lot for it but it still feels like money wasted. I would stay clear of this one if I were you.
14ml 100SEK (£8.94 $11.64 and 10.43Euro)

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