NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

I was over the moon when I saw my local H&M started carrying NYX cosmetics. I’ve been eyeing them for some time but hesitated to buy them online. Finally, I got my hands on them and could test them out in store. I picked up the Jumbo Eye pencil in 617 Iced Mocha.

It is a slimmer version of the chubby sticks. Sort of.

The shade is a gorgeous iced bronze colour. It is not unique in any way but I like it.
What I don’t like so much about it is that it smears and fades very quickly. It has zero staying power, doesn’t matter if you put a primer underneath or set it with some powder shadow, it smears anyway. This is an epic fail in my opinion. I swatched one of H&M’s own eyeshadow sticks in the summer sale, and that was a nightmere getting of my hand, so this has no excuse of being as bad as it is.
This is pretty and all, but it won’t be getting that much use.
5g 69SEK (£6.16 $8.06 and 7.27Euro)

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