The Summer List

I found this on Elsas blog and thought I’d try my hand at it. Loved hers and I strongly suggest you give her blog a visit. You don’t have to be crazy about vintage, I know I’m not, but her blog is filled with inspiration, amazing pictures and she seems to generally have a good outlook on life.

What are you gonna do this summer?
Right now I was supposed to be in England, but life happened and threw my family a hughe curveball so we had to cancel the entire trip. It sucks but I’m sure everything will be fine in the end.

Are you going some place?
Me and my fiance are actually packing our bags as we speak to head out to Småland and Öland early tomorrow morning. I have a one day trip to Helsingör with my mom planned and other than that, we will have to see.

How long are you free for?
I’ve been free this entire week and spent most of it in a spray booth. I have two more weeks to enjoy the sun and some well needed peace and quiet.

What do you really want to get done?
Nothing really. It would be awesome if we got the upstairs done so we would have a real bedroom. I want to spend as much time as I possibly can with family and friends.

What do you think you will get done?
Probably everything else I shouldn’t get done. Worry a lot and give myself a massive headache 😉

What do you look forward to the most?
A week away with hunney looking at the rest of the ancient rocks we didn’t look at last summer. And see the excavation team at Sandby Borg. We missed them last year by a week!

What could go wrong?
I’d rather not think about that right now. In my life Murphys Law is a constant factor.

Who will you spend most time with?
My dog Tander and my fiance.

What will you spend the most money on?
So far, the hotel we’re staying at =) I hope to buy some new tops and a new pair of comfy sneakers/trainers.

What will you buy to prepare yourself for this summer?
I got myself a hardshell suitcase for the flight which will still come in handy during this trip.

Will you use it?
I am (should be) packing it as we speak!

Are you gonna get tanned?
Hope so. My legs wouldn’t hurt from seeing some light of day.

What do you want to say to your summer-self?
Relax, treasure every day and remember to live in the now. You can’t change the past nor affect the future. Take one step at a time.

What will you eat?
Bbq:ed everything!! I’ll try to order fish when we’re out.

What will you drink?
Bubbly water and soda?

What will make this summer extra enjoyable?
Making new memories. And photos from my trip.

What will you wear?
I want to say shorts or a summer dress, but knowing me, I’m gonna go with jeans and a tank top.

How will you hurt yourself?
Again, I’m not even gonna think about it. Don’t attract  things you don’t want.

What are you worried about?
That we will have another blow of bad news, in one way or the other.

What will be extra special this year?
Staying at a hotel instead of going camping! No tent or cabin for me this year!

How will you remember this summer come September?
I’m sure this will be all wrong but I think I will remember it as the rainiest vaccation I’ve ever had!

I’m sorry mine isn’t as filled with gorgeous photos. I hope you guys try this out! If you do, please leave me a link so I can read it =)

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