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I don’t think anyone of you missed that H&M released a whole new makeup range. They massively increased the quality of their products and the prices went up a bit. I personally don’t mind that, they are still affordable and sooo much better. If I could I think I would buyat least half of the range. When they first were released I had to limit myself to just one or maybe two items. I had a blast swatching all fo their new eyeshadows. Anyways, I ended up picking up this lipstick that I had made a mental note about. I am the type of person who writes down the exact name of a product so I can buy it later when I see it in a review or a haul and I like it.

The tube is made of plastic, half white and half gold.

The name and number is written on the bottom on a colorrepersentation that I think is a rather poor match for the actual color.

The bullet is you typical slanted one. Not much to go  on here. The outside is much darker than the actual product. When I first put it on I was horrified at how brown it was. I nearly threw it away, But as uýou can see at the tip it kust the very outer layer. It is much lighter and much more wearable.

 It also has a faint scent of vanilla too it.

It is still  more on the browner side of nudes that pink or peach. I like this alot despite my initial reaction. It looks like it would be smooth and nourishing but if you have dry lips this will klink to that and exaggerate it. So make sure you exfoliate your lips beforehand and put on a good balm underneath. Lip-anythiung never lasts any amount of time on me but I can get out at least 1 hour of wear without having to reapply it.
At the moment I can’t find it anywhere on H&M’s website so I don’t know if it’s still available, but if you can find it in your store, I suggest giving it a look.
3.5g 99SEK (£8.36 $12 and 10.62 Euro)

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