What I got for my birthday 2015

This post is loooong over due. Have a peek at what I got from my family for my birthday.

 Honey and my boss gave me back my car as a gift. I had to overhaul the engine and something still wasn’t right with it and I kinda lost interest and gave up on it. But they gave it back to me, fully working, and driveable! I have missed my baby girl so much! Anyone dare venture a guess as to what car this is? Yes, it is a Toyota. But the model? Where I live, where it’s never been sold, there’s only 36 of them left.

 From my mother in law I got Kicks Christmas Advent Calendar! Wanted this so bad last year but when I decided to get it, it was out of stock! I am so happy to have gotten this!

 I will do seperate posts on what’s in it. The highpoint of my day is opening this.

From my parents and one of my sisters I got a toilet paperroll with Soduko on it. Funniest thing ever! A cute teastrainer, a shower gel with my fave scent pommegranate and a Sleek palette! I  have been debating for the past two years wheter to get the Au Naturel or the Storm one. I was beyond excitet when I opened the palette! Love, love it!

From my other sister I got this awesome candle holder! Love it!
That’s it guys! I had an amazing birthday weekend and birthday! Ate lots of delicious food, cake and some more cake and just spent some really good quality time with my loved ones!

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