Review: Flawless by Sonya Aloe BB Créme

I will start of this post by saying that I am not selling for the brand. Flawless by Sonya is a part of the Forever  Living family and is a MLM  company. I’m not that fond of that type of companies either. Whenever I get into contact with one I am very hesitant.

Luckily enough, I was gifted this amongst many other things from the brand to try out. But we start with this one.

 I really like the packaging.  A pearly white tube with a lid that looks like purple metal. And I like the fact that is has SPF20 and is based on aloe vera.

 Hope you can read the back of it. I wouldn’t recommend to reapplying it. You would end up with a cake face. On the website it says that it evens out the skintone, hydrates and works as both primer, concealer and base.

 It’s not completely mousse-like in texture but halfway there. First time I dipped my brush in it my mind went ”what the **ll”. It was very weird. It feels cooling on the skin and smells soft of soap. Nothing to strong and it fades pretty quickly once applied to the skin. It’s dewy in texture and if you have oily skin this could easily look greasy on you. But if you are like me and have super dry skin this makes your face look healthy and glowy from within. There is nothing matte or satin about the finish of this.

It has medium to light coverage. You can’t get it to full coverage without looking like a clown. You want to go very light handed and gentle with this. I learnt that pretty fast. Sadly this is very pink in undertone. According to the website it’s supposed to fit fairer skintones. I have yellow undertones which means that when this settles and blends with my own oils and if I have been to generous with this it oxidizes one or two shades too dark for me. And now I am tanned. I will try this come winter and see what I think of it. I’m pretty sure it will look awful. You have to use a primer under this. The primer part to it doesn’t work and I wouldn’t recommend putting this under anything else but powder.

Since this contains Aloe Vera and being a BB cream I thought it would help my skin in  the long run. Sadly my skin doesn’t like this for everyday two weeks in a row. I’ve tried more than once and it breaks me out quite badly. I think it’s the sunscreen ingredients to it, but I’m not sure.
I am very grateful I was gifted this because it has a rather steep price tag. I would never spend that much money on a BB Cream. Not even a high end one. I like it but I will never buy it, and considering the cons of it, that is just as well.

45g (why they chose to put it i grams instead of ml beats me) 382 SEK ( £29,82 $46,26 and 40.87 Euro )

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