Review: Maybelline Eye Brow Satin

I hauled this ages and ages ago and meant to do as review of it as soon as possible, preferably before everyone else since it was smoking hot new on the market. But I couldn’t make up my mind about it at first and since then it’s been used every day but still it’s been sitting in the back of my mind to do a review on. Weird how that works. But here it is, the Maybelline Eye Brow Satin, not that new on the market anymore.

 As you might be able to tell from the detail of the pictures, I got myself a new DSLR. Very very pleased indeed. It took about a week to rub the name off. Well done Maybelline.
 It’s a dual ended twist me up kinda pen. No more sharpening for me thank you very much!
 One side is your bog standard ”pen”. Kinda dry and kinda hard in texture, but breaks if you’re not careful.
 The other side is a sponge tip with powder of some sort that comes out. I could be without this end and swap it for a spoolie instead. It’s kinda gimmicky. 

The idea behind it is you fill in the sparseness with the pen and blend it all together with the sponge tip. You can use the sponge end on its own if you want a softer feel. I have the shade dark blond, but I think it’s a bit too green in undertone. I like it but I wish more from it.

When I run out of it I will try something else. But for now it works. Nothing to special about it.

8g 99 SEK ( £7.71 $11.99 and 10.60 Euro )

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