Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer

If you read my July  Favorites post you might’ve already ”seen” me rave about this. But seriously though, if you haven’t tried it already, you absolutely must!
I debated long and hard over what primer to get. Something in the back of my mind told me I had seen someone on youtube really liking this, so I ordered it on a whim. And oh was that a good whim.

The packaging is in no way snassy or fancy, the lid is a sparkly red, other than that it is your bog standard white plastic tube. I’m guessing I won’t be able to get every last bit out of it without having to cut it open. And that seems a bit desperate. I am in writing moment running out of this.

The formula is a bit thicker than I anticipated. It isn’t like glue or too heavy. It sinks into the skin and smooths everything out. It won’t make you look like you have no pores or no lines on your face. It just makes your foundation glide on a bit smoother and last a few hours longer. It’s kinda blue in tone when it comes out, but doesn’t look blue on your face. Smurf isn’t in fashion. It just sinks in and you can’t tell it’s there. Only drawback is you have to give it a minute or two before putting foundation over it, or it might look cakey.

I noticed a huge difference in my foundations longevity when wearing this under. My skin really liked this. Bonus points for not smelling of anything. I would recommend this to any skintype. I picked mine up from Asos, but you can find it at feelunique as well. And I suspect you can find it in any Rimmel display.

30ml 92 SEK ( £7, $10.80 and 9.74 Euro )

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