First Impression – Garnier Ultimate Blends

Do you remember that order I placed with feelunique, the one that got lost and took me ages to finally get? You might remember there was a dry shampoo in it that I was eager to try.

When I first got the box I opened it and smelled the dry shampoo and was immediately put off by the scent. Getting anything vanilla scented is always a huge gamble. Fake vanilla scents is one of my most hated scents. I cannot stand it.
So it took me til about now to try it, and here is my initial thoughts.
The can itself is a bit different in the design from the rest out there. It’s smaller and not that shouty, if you get what I mean.
On the front it says No visible residue, which sold me in the first place. And continues to read Garnier Ultimate Blends The silky 7-in-1 dry shampoo with vanilla milk.

On the back it explains those 7-in-1 qualities.
”Instantly cleanses, absorbs grease at the roots, lightweight feel, hair feels supple to the touch, hair easy to detangle, blissful fragrance and leaves no visible residue.”

No hard claims or anything new to the market. Shouldn’t be that hard. I did not like the first Garnier dry shampoo that I tried, but I still had an open mind towards this. That being said, I wish I had never gotten this is in the first place. I can not for the life of me understand how they could fail so miserably at not only one, but two, dry shampoos. I will never try any other dry shampoo from the brand again. Ever! It does not fulfill any of its claims. It doesn’t cleanse or absorb any grease. If anything it adds to it. It does not feel lightweight, you can feel it on your scalp that it’s there and it feels weird and powdery to the touch. It smells horrific and it lasts all day and it does leave a white film on your hair. Never before have I wanted to wash my hair so badly after having put a dry shampoo in it. But I shrugged it of and went to work anyways, and it just felt worse and worse throughout the day. This should come with a huge flashing warning sign! And the scent. *shrugs* If you grew up in the nineties, like me, you might recall H&M carrying a vanilla scented fragrance that was all the rave and very inexpensive in like the late 90’s early 2000’s. I think The Body Shop had one too that smelled the exact same but cost the double. It was horrendous, but you had to have it, if you didn’t go for the fruity or more ”sporty” scents in the tiny testing tube bottles.This smells exactly like it. I don’t think they put the ”Madagascan vanilla extract” in it. I just think its a fancy way of saying ”we smelled the Madagascan vanilla, but decided to put a synthetic knock off in it instead.”

If you’re thinking of trying this, don’t. It isn’t worth it. Not even as an emergency backup. I think even flour would be a better substitute for this. Or corn flour.

150ml 35SEK ( £2.59 $4.06 and .69 Euro )

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