The Art of Giftgiving

Is it jsut be or is it harder to shop for men? We all have, or at least I hope you all have, a special man in your life. Might it be your boyfriend, your dad, grandpas or just a friendly neighbour or cousin. I find it easier to shop for my fiance. Not that he often expresses what he wants, but I know him through and through. My dad on the other hand. He never expresses what he wants or if he’s pleased with what I give him. I try to give him practical yet thoughtful things. Things I know he’ll use. No point in spending that much effort in something that will collect dust. Even harder is my male cousin. he turns fifteen which around here is a pretty big deal. I won’t give that any consideration though. I’m gonna give him something I know he’ll get some use out of. I want one myself and I need one. So he will definetly need one too. Curious? I’m gonan give him a juicy cube. Not the original since we don’t have it here. My Samsungs battery is starting to get wonky or the new OS Kitkat is killing it. My cousin have an Iphone and they are notorious for having lousy batterytime! I don’t want him to get stuck without juice and not being able to call home. Safety and caring!

What do you give the men in your life when your fantasy draws a blank?

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