Nail it Friday: Nordic Cap White

Since I’m in a summer mood and I’m still obsessed with Essies A Stroke of Brilliance I decided to go on the other side of the colorwheel. I picked a solid white polish. The only solid white I have in fact.

Nordic Cap is a very cheap and budgetfriendly brand. Their products are very questionable. I like their showergels. But I don’t like their lipsticks, they smell too much of coconut and the pigmentaiton is horrible. I havent tried any of their shadows or lipglosses, and I don’t think I ever will. Their nailpolishes, which I’ve got like three of, aren’t that good either. They take forever to dry and they don’t last very long. But they have fun and very unique colors. And if you want some color for just a few days they work.

I don’t know if I like the effect of the two together. But I like the white to my summerbronzed skin.

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