New in and first impression

I just happened to find a nailpolish from Revlon and I had to have it! We don’t have Revlon makeup here normally. So I really couldn’t resist. And just about every brand out there has released a cameleon polish now. Sooo yeah.
They hade four different shades and I picked up two of them. I had a hard time finding the names as well.
I went for the pruple one that has a golden sheen to it depending on how the light hits it. I have always been fascinated by cameleon colours. This shade is called Tanzanite. The other shade I picked up is called aquamarine and is a blue green base with a purple sheen.

On to how it applied. First coat was really sheer and mostly golden. I didn’t think the second layer was gonna build up this much color. But the second coat got it opaque and to my liking. It dried fast and smells awful. Loads of that thinning ingridient I talked about a while back.
I have no idea what they cost over seas or if they are still available. I paid 25 sek (£2.31 & $3.87) each which is ok.

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