That Tester

Last time I ordered from feelunique I got a tester from Biotherm which I was excited to use. Now I am very bad at using one thing at a time and one thing only. So I have been altering  this with my Olay one so I can’t really tell if it has made any difference or not. I have been using this the days where I felt that the Olay might be a bit too heavy. This is lighter, almost like water but feels very hydrating and soothing. It hasn’t broken me out so I am very happy with it. I am actually thinking of buying the big one. It will cost me a fortune but I must do something drastic to my face or I will never experience that perfect skin before going wrinkly phase. Only downside is the price point I’m sure and the smell. It smells, well, a bit odd. Like water with some spicy herbaly tone to it. It’s not horrible but still not what I expected from the brand.

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