Under Cover

As exciting as the name is, it’s only a face primer from IsaDora. It’s fairly new on the market and I found it on sale two months or so ago and decided to put it to the test. First we’re gonna look at what it claims.

The list is very long and it sounds promising.
• Hides imperfections in the skin
• Highly moisturizing ingredients
• Reduces redness
• Reduces puffiness
• Mattifying
• Minimizes hyperpigmentation/dark spots
• For all skin types

My first thought from reading this is how can anything me mattifying and highly moisturizing?! I don’t think the two ever go hand in hand and in this case they definitely don’t! I’ve got super dry skin in the winter and some redness and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and this doesn’t do anything for it! So it doesn’t feel like it meets any of its claims. It does make the skin feel smoother and the foundation glides on better but it doesn’t make it stay on any longer. And my skin looks even drier. This was a hughe waste of my money! It’s a real shame they don’t do refunds. I seriously have no idea what they were thinking when they made this. I love IsaDoras nailpolishes. They are to die for but this?! No thank you. If you’re thinking of buying it, stay away and go for another one! Any upsides? It’s peachy looking when it comes out of the tube and you don’t need a huge amount to cover your entire face but you need more than I’d like. When you put it on it feels smooth but in a dry kinda way. I think the mattifying ingredients gets the upper hand. Sad part is you get a bit shiny after a few hours so it doesn’t keep you mattified either. It doesn’t smell of anything in particular but a bit chemical. Just like makeup does. On the plus side it didn’t brake me out or give me any allergic reactions. I’m not sure why there’s an indentaion at the top. I first thought it was because of a squeezy point of thought. I ruled it out by trying. It’s 30 ml and will last you a while. If you like it that’s a good thing.

Pricepoint then? They all cost fairly much the same. At least those we could call ”Cheaper brands”. This 30 ml bottle costs normally 159 SEK ( £14.86 & $24.25 )
Have you tried this? Which is your fav primer?

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