November Favorites!

You know it’s that time again! We’ve left my beloved month behind us and we are all looking forward to Christmas and giftgiving season! Or should I say facestuffing season? I LOVE making my own christmascandy!
I’ve had some rediscoveries this month. Two actually. So I can’t say I have been trying anything new. But they are kinda new to me. I banned myself this month from buying anything I didn’t need.

 A merry little bunch.
 Saltwater spray from SachaJuan which smells so good! And it gives my fine hair some structure and hold. Beware, get too much of it and your hair will look like a grease dump.
 Life saver the days my roots look a bit iffy and I have to work.
 Try as I might this is impossible to photograph! But you all know what it is and I love using it as a base underneath the next photo.
 Impossible to get a great photo off. I think I will have to take a course on ”how to take photos of eyeshadows!” It is IsaDoras Mineral eyeshadow artist palette. It was limited edition a bunch of years back and I got it, tried it, thought it too messy and stuffed it in the back of my collection.
But then I found it and decided to give it a go since the colors are so lovely and fall appropriate. Now I love them! It’s called 36 Gold and Bronze. A light gold, a more rusty warm gold, a deeper rusty reddish brown and a very deep coppery brown. They are heavily pigmented so they are a bit scary.

 To the left is my everyday mascara that’s sadly is starting to go dry and wonky.  To the left a mascara I got over a  year ago, tried twice and hated and stuffed it away. Yves Rocher Sexy pulp and Kicks Extreme Extension. How they came up with the name for the latter is beyond me!
The wand of my everyday mascara is to die for! It’s slightly thinner on the middle which makes my lashes look bigger and gives them a doll-like effect. I dip it in the other bottle because the formula of that one is actually pretty good and yetblack and a complete nightmare to take off! The wand on the Kicks mascara is rubbish for anything else but my lower lashes. There it works ok. Not great in any way! The bristles are to short and too stiff. I don’t like the silicone wands. I tried Max Factors Masterpiece mascaras when they first came out, both of them, and my eyes itched like mad because of formula and wand.
What have you guys been loving through November? Found any new loves, old re-fallen in love with or just pure disappointments?

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