Nail sabbath

Today is just gonna be a wordy-none-picture-post about something that I’m usually very proud of. My nails. When I was younger my classmates used to envy me my long beautiful nails. And I was like, that’s easy. Just don’t bite them. But the older I got my nails started to chip and flake and break very easily and I got a little bit panicked. I went to the doctors and found out that I had an iron deficiency and started to take iron supplements and I noticed a big change in my nails. And a bonus my dizziness got to a more manageable level. Just a tip for you girls out there.
Then why am I writing this? Well, I want to share. Plus now my nails are back to being a complete mess and looking like crap. Just being honest here. I think, or I’m pretty sure, it has something to do with that I’ve had naipolish on for nonstop the past couple of months. Not a great idea. I use a nailploshremover without acetone in it but I figure the nailpolish might not be that healthy for you either in the long run. So I will let my nails be and be nice to them for the next week or so. I will try to get some nourishment into my nails and see how they like that.
Before I started eating iron every day I used a myrrhoil for the nails and it did nothing for me. More than being sticky and messy.

Hope you all are having a great saturday!

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