All the rave about Batiste

I’ve heard so much raving about the Batiste dry shampoos. Are they worth the hype? Are they any good? The simple answer to that is: kinda.

If you aren’t familiar with what a dry shampoo is it’s exactly what it sounds like. A shampoo you use on dry hair the days you don’t wash your hair or your roots are starting to look a bit iffy.

This one is 150 ml and cost 40 SEK ( £3.84 & $6.22 )

It smells really nice of coconut and the distribution of it is ok. But why, oh why, does it have to leave a whitish look to your hair?! I don’t get it. I thought it only did that to brown and black hair, but no. It does that to my blonde hair as well. That’s the only downside really. That and that it doesn’t add any volume to my hair at all. I’ve heard someone on youtube saying she got a little bit of volume in her hair by using this. It doesn’t say that it should do that anywhere on the packaging. So it’s not like it’s breaking a promise. It took me two times to use it before I got the hang of how it worked and got a good result from it. I like it but I will not get this scent again. At least not until summer. I think I will try the clean and clear one instead.

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