A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Now I can’t wait any longer! I simply must show you guys what I’ve gotten the last few weeks. I’m waiting for two palettes as well but they are taking too long!

 A pretty bad overview picture. Scroll down and get into the goodies.
 A mini sized lightning shampoo from John Frieda. I thought it would be bigger. Used it once already.
 I thought I would be nice to my skin and get into using masks more. The orange one had two as well but one is already used. And I liked it! They are a deep cleansing mud mask and a pore minimizing mud mask from Formula 10.0.6
 I’m now getting into my ”winter skin” which is way paler than my summer skin so I needed a new setting powder. And I thought I would give this  clear complexion powder from Rimmel a whirl.
 A freebie from Biotherm. First thing ever from them I’m trying or using. This is gonna be fun since my skin is so picky about what it likes.
 Again on the winter skin. I picked this Wake me up foundation from Rimmel. I’ve neard so much about it and thought ”hey, why not”. I’ve tried it twice so far. I got the right shade using findation.com.
 Found this really cheap in a physical store. It is a dry shampoo from Batiste in the tropical fragrance. And by tropical they mean coconutty.
 Found this bad boy at half price and simply couldn’t resist. Have tried another one from Olay but didn’t like it that much. I have been using this since I got it. It is the 7 in one daily moisturiser with spf 15.
And lastly some armcandy! Aren’t these colors so much fun?! I thought I could paire one color at a time between the two black ones. And I love them! A navy blue, a neon limeyellow and a neon orange. I refuse to lay of all right colors just because we’re getting into gloomier weather here in scandinavia.
I hope you liked this haul. I don’t know if you want more or less info about each product? I will be doing reviews on all of these in coming weeks. Which one do you want to read first?
They are all purchased at different times and different places. Some in physical store and some online.

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