First Impression: L’Oreal True Match

I remember using this way back when I had no idea what color I was and just guessed from the packaging. I remember liking it and heard they recently repackaged it. No one ever said anything about reformulating it. But they did that as well. And, they messed it up for me. Keep on reading to find out why.

 The new packaging is really nice. Looks sleek and expensive. Would look nice out on any vanity.

 I hopped on findation.com real quick to find out what shade I was. Funny thing, the names and shades vary from Sweden to Uk to Us. So for me it’s a constant guessing game.

 The formula is very very runny. Even if you skahe it up it’s still very runny. I thought that would mean it contained a lot of mosturizing properties.

But alas, it applies funny, sits funny on the skin and it is a pure nightmare to blend into the skin. Especially if you have a orimer underneath. It dries down to a  glowy dewy powderfinish that klings to and exaggerates any dry patches you might have. I’m guessing this is more suited for oilier skintypes and not so much us dryfaces. Might suit me better in the summer months cuz then the dryness isn’t as bad.
I regret buying this and this is nothing like the old one. Why mess up something that does work? They could’ve just changed the bottle to look more elegant, brought out some new shades and just left the old formula be. I will either pass this along or throw it away. That’s how bad it is!
30ml 169 SEK. I luckily got it on sale and only paid 129 SEK.

(£13, $19.8 and 18.25 Euro)

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