Product Empties, Regrets and goners.

I was looking around my makeup looking for inspiration and found my empties box was overflowing. But this time it’s not only empties, there’s some regrets in there and two things that has gone bad. Crying on the inside.

I don’t think many of these will come as a surprise to you. These are the regrets. I’ve done separate posts on all of these except the sponge.
L’Oreal Elnett. Can’t stand the scent.
I Love.. Raspberry and Blackberry body scrub. Smells horrible and don’t have enough scrub action.
Garnier ultimate blends dry shampoo. Just plain blah!
And the sponge is just from H&M I think. Don’t like it at all.

And these are the empties.
 Nivea 3in1 Micellar cleansing water. Nice enough to use, started to smell funny at the end. Didn’t brake me out or anything but I am always a bit hesitant to use these type of things on my skin every day.
Natuvive Pomegranate body wash. They don’t make these anymore so I was sad when I ran out of it. But better to use it up and enjoy it instead of it going bad and having to throw it away.
Schwarzkopf Got2b dry shampoo. Wouldn’t be an empties post of mine without one of these in it. LOVE IT! I must have one of these on hand at all times.
Nivea pearl & beauty roll on. Boring but this is my go to deodorant.
Nuxe Creme fraiche de beaute masque. Loved this to bits and was very sad when I ran out of this. I got the regular version of this back in my feelunique haul. I don’t think I ever will pay full price for this, no matter how good it is.

And the pure goners. The ones who turned bad on me. A body wash from Weleda. It’s creamy in texture and doesn’t lather at all. I don’t get body washes that doesn’t do that. Why??

And the eyeshadow primer from Makeup store that I got ages ago. haven’t used up even half of it. A little goes a very long way with this. Thought it was due time to throw it ayaw when it started to change color and smell funny. Won’t repurchase this.

Hope you guys enjoyed this short but rather wordy empties post.

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