Collective August Haul

August has been a very very uneconomical month for me. But after having worked hard all summer I thought I’d treat myself. Below you’ll find the damage I did. Most of it is feeluniques fault, they had a massive sale going on when I was in a particular shopping mood.

 Nuxe Creme Fraiche de beaute – I’ve had the masque verison of this and loved it. So when I found this gem on sale, I had to have it. My skin needs this when it flares up.
Bioderma – All the rave throughout the blogosphere. Jumped for joy when I found this and decided to try the smaller bottle first.
Real Thecniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – Been eyeing this for a while and clicked ”add to basket” when I found it on sale.
Urban Decay Naked Basics glide on eye pencil in Crave/Venus – Can we just take a ”aaaaah” moment here?! I have never tried anything from UD before but everyone raves about them. Found this on sale to and it just kinda happened to tag along.
Rimmel Clear complexion transparent powder – A repurchase for me. You might remember two years or so back I got my first one and smashed it just a few months after. I’ve almost used up all of it anyways but now it is so much loose powder that it gets everywhere and drives me nuts. Time to get a new one and not smashing it!

 I’m gonna try to be better at changing up my jewelry. I tend to   wear the same pieces over and over again. These crystal pendants are gorgeous! I ordered the ring on a whim online hoping I got the right size. Turns out it’s way to big for all of my fingers. Oh well. Wasn’t that expensive even though it looks like it.

No name makeup brush from China – Orderd this hoping it would be a good dupe for Sigmas F180 kabuki brush. I think it’s a good brush, but I wish it would be a bit denser in the bristles. Not as good for BB Creams as you might think but pretty ok for foundation.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Concealer – Ordered this too from feelunique but it came in a separate package so I thought I had removed it from my basket again. I am still on the hunt for the perfect concealer. I don’t get along with my Maybelline Fit me concealer. The tube leaks and smears and it moves everywhere.
I’m hoping this will be good.

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