Rimmel Exaggerate Undercover Shadow Primer

On my hunt for a new eyeshadow primer I came across this number from Rimmel. I think I’ve seen someone on youtube using it and liking it. Memory is a bit fussy on that part. I got mine from Asos and I was happy to put it to the test.

The packaging is very bland. White plastic tube with red plastic top. Could just as well be a mascara or a lipgloss.

On the back it actually says ”.. to maximise the colour and wear of your eyeshadow. Makes colour waterproof.” Waterproof? Are you kidding me?? That would be awesome, had it worked! That is a pretty high and unrealistic claim for an eyeshadowprimer. I don’t think there even is one that does that. I know there are some clear coats to put over your mascara to make it waterproof that’s popping up on the market. But eyeshadow?

Lets begin on the formula. It feels like cake frosting! It really does. It feels super weird. I thought it would be sticky so that the shadows would adhere to it, not slide right off. ’Cuz that’s what they do. It doesn’t smell of anything in particular. It does in no way umpf up the intensity of the shadows, nor does it make them last. I am happy if the shadows are still on an hour later. I get it to work when I put a cream on top of it and then powder shadows. But that has more to do with the cream than the primer. This was a total and utter fail for me. This is a regret purchase and the hunt continues.

6ml 46 SEK (£3.53 $5.54 and 4.97 Euro)

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